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Specializing in the surface processing of plastic molding and metal electronic products

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  Fucoda plastics products manufacturing(Tianjin) Co.,Ltd is a private enterprise located in Jinnan District Tianjin.The company was established on Mar 2005, total involved in two plants;Plant one covers an area of about 2,800 square meters , and plant two covers about 6,000 square meters.Our company is specialized in surface processing of plastic product,such as spray painting,NCVM,pad printing and hot stamping etc. The company has introduced advanced automatic painting equipment with 0.1 million of cleanness class , and own some responsible and professional technical people with high education.
  In short five years , we build a strong staff team with professional knowledge and studying spirit.
  Fucoda always regard the development of business and the synchronized improvement of the staff's living standard as the forward power and strive to create a comfortable and positive studying and working environment in the company.We encourage teamwork, to adapt the social envirnment of rapid changing and keen competition.
  We are looking to pursue the common growing and process of customer,enterprise and staff all along.